Vinak: relaxation and adventure in the Sierra de Lima

"When you get to Vinak the first thing you notice is its towering peaks and its endless greenery and deep blue sky," writes Carlos Muñiz in the last blog post of Pura Aventura.

From that experience meant Vinak development-Challenge adventure sports competition where participants had to make cycling events and running-Muñiz describes the geography of this magical corner of the Sierra de Lima (exactly in the province of Yauyos ), its attractions and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Among the main activities you can do in Vinak are trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding to take you to nearby towns.

The hotel offers alternatives Vinak Refuge for experts and beginners, in which "you will enjoy beautiful landscapes with streams, waterfalls and rivers, as well as sightings of eagles, kestrels and, if lucky, even condors and deer," the author.


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