Cusco: Know the Sistine Chapel of America Andahuaylillas

It is located in the department of Cusco, Quispicanchi Province. A 39 km Imperial City and 45 minutes traveling by bus.

Cusco. A 39 km from the city of Cusco is the town of Andahuaylillas, founded in 1572 by the Viceroy Francisco de Toledo.

The beauty of its colonial architecture can be seen to this day, one of its main exponents Temple St. Peter the Apostle, also known as the "Sistine Chapel of America".

It is located opposite the charming square, cobbled grid layout and enmarcarda pisonay by trees.

Temple St. Peter the Apostle

Its architectural design is classic colonial churches in the southern Andes, however stands out among them for its beautiful mural.

The murals that decorate the front and many other areas of the church were painted in the seventeenth century to teach the natives the dogmas of the Christian faith through their artwork.


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