Tourists will get the New Year in sacred city of Caral

World heritage located in the province of Barranca Lima, receive scores of tourists who want to receive the New Year.

Lima. Visitors come through the program "Educational travel" organized Caral Archaeological Zone (HAZ) and remains open to all who wish to visit this place on that date.

On December 31 and January 1, attendees can take a tour of the archaeological sites of Caral and Chupacigarro and talk with professionals and technicians who carry out excavations in the Supe Valley.

They may also buy books, photographs and gifts, enjoy nature at the beach, the island in Puerto Supe, take a refreshing dip and taste the dishes like ceviche tacu tacu duck or seafood.

The first civilization arises precisely in that area because the people of the time had a delicious sea front approximately 1,200 marine species, and in the valley a variety of grains, vegetables and fruits.


Those interested will depart on Monday 31 at 15:00 hours from the front of the National Museum. At 19:00 in the camp will be installed and will enjoy an outdoor fire pit.

At 22:00 starts the night walk along the sacred city to absorb the good energy that this important site has. Minutes before midnight, the concentration will be held at the home of archaeologist for 2013 with a special dinner.

On January 1, after breakfast, will be the first visit of the year to the Holy City, where you will find a special way and guided by local tourist counselors, social and cultural values ​​of the old settlers.


The cost of this unique experience is 180 soles, and includes private transportation, entrance tickets, guide, camp, special dinner and breakfast, plus guided tours. The return to Lima will be at 20:30.

For more information, those interested can call 2052517 - RPM * 0054155 - 992647804 to 940204793 or mail join.


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