Looting recorded in two supermarkets in southern Argentina

Two supermarkets were looted in the southern city of Bariloche Argentina, where nearly a hundred people attacked shops and stole appliances and clothing, a situation with which the Argentine government decided to send federal security forces to that location.

According to police sources confirmed to Efe, the looting occurred at a local Changomas chain, owned by U.S. group Wal-Mart and other chain in all, two in Bariloche (1,563 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires), in the province of Rio black.

Police also said there were incidents in deposits and other businesses in the city.

Local television showed images of hooded, some with children, low income, stealing in supermarkets appliances such as refrigerators and televisions, and clothing, among other products.

Sources consulted by Efe Changomas confirmed that the supermarket was the target of looting from the morning until about noon, with no reported injuries among customers and store personnel.

According to the official news agency Telam, last week the mayor of Bariloche, Goye Omar had warned that this kind of event could happen, so he asked to donate grocery bags of food to low-income sectors and provide consumer products to Christmas low prices.

In response, the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, at the request of the governor of Rio Black, Alberto Weretilneck, ordered the deployment of federal security forces to Bariloche.

When making your request, Weretilneck argued that "provincial security forces is clearly outweighed by the protesters."

The provincial police sources consulted by Efe confirmed that so far no incidents arrested.

"The president was in communication with the governor since he started the facts and decided that federal forces leave in the next few minutes for the province of Black River," he said at a press conference the head of Cabinet of Argentina, Juan Manuel Abal Medina.

The minister said that the federal forces will be sent "in order to provide collaborative care of Bariloche, since all the tasks that have to do with the containment of the protest are obviously constitutional responsibility of the provincial government."

Abal Medina said the attackers up "small fringe groups, tremendously violent."

Cabinet Chief Bariloche looting associated with the sabotage of electricity networks reported today by the Government of the Province of Neuquén, next to Black River.

Abal Medina, the two facts "speak of very specific issues that do not occur on a date casually like this," when met eleven years of the days of violent protest, which included looting and ended with the fall of the government of then President Fernando de la Rua, who resigned on December 20, 2001.

"This Government condemns strongly and deeply as any violent demonstration to come to stop this process of social peace that we Argentines," said the chief of staff.

For its part, the Government of Rio Black said in a statement that the looters "are members of anarchist political organizations that are extorting such actions to the various authorities."

"With this type of events these organizations sought to create a scenario of political and social upheaval that has no correlation with reality," said the provincial executive.


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