Huge investment for the region Pasco

More than 2,300 million soles will be invested in the Pasco region in integrated development projects, housing and sanitation, road interconnection, health, electricity, agriculture, tourism and the implementation of social programs. It was agreed at the Council of Ministers Decentralized, chaired by President Ollanta Humala Tasso, which was conducted via videoconference system.

In the session, which directed the Head of State from the Government Palace, while the regional president of Pasco, Kléver Melendez, and that department officials were involved from the Auditorium of the House for the Elderly in Villa Rica, was approved for implementation major works and plans in the region to give a boost to the strategic development of the region.
The agreements to run for the next few years, which include projects, programs and a series of actions for the benefit of the population pasqueña is the tendering of works of improvement and expansion of sanitation services for institutional strengthening comprehensive Emapa Pasco, requiring an investment of 155.6 million soles, in favor of more than 64,000 inhabitants.
Similarly, technical files will culminate in two projects of water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment, located in the town of Iscozacin and Relief and Ninacaca Palcazu district, province and Pasco Oxapampa, benefiting 11,000 inhabitants . The investment will be around 4 million suns.
In early 2013 it will complete the construction of 6 Tambos, with an estimated investment of 1.9 million suns for provinces of Pasco, Daniel Alcides Carrión and Oxapampa. Empowerment and operation permit, immediately, housing improvement interventions and provision of water and sanitation for the rural population. Also completed four Neighborhood Improvement works in the districts of Villa Rica and Pozuzo, in the province of Oxapampa and Chacayan district, in the province Daniel Alcides Carrión, with an investment of 8.2 million suns.
Another agreement is important in rural electrification Chaupihuaranga V Stage - Phase II, and Phase IV Huariaca Paucartambo - Huachón III Stage, which will benefit 3,000 residents of 47 villages in the districts of Chacayan, Paucar, Santa Ana de Tusi and Yanahuanca, in the province Daniel Alcides Carrión.
In the Pasco region, the program's budget and pension Together 65 will increase by 50%, which will expand the number of members in 2013, the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Trivelli Carolina.
Juntos said the plans to include more than 14,000 families and Pension 65 to about 5,000 beneficiaries of the department.

The health minister, Midori de Habich, said his sector will invest 150 million soles in the construction of three hospitals in the Pasco region. In addition, he said, sent seven ambulances and transferred about 16 million soles for the expansion of Daniel Alcides Carrión Hospital.
He also announced that the budget of the Integral Health Insurance (SIS) will double in 2013 and strengthen the measures for the prevention and detection of cancer, in the framework of the Esperanza. "All these actions represent an increase of 40% of resources in the health sector for Pasco," he noted.
Improving health infrastructure is vital.

The Cabinet Decentralized videoconference with officials Pasco was the first of its kind in our country.

Was performed because the weather in the town of Villa Rica (province of Oxapampa) prevented the Dignitary and Ministerial Cabinet members come to town.


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