Wholesale Dealers exmercado The vigil will stop at Christmas

The wholesale traders exmercado La Parada announced they will not abandon their posts during Christmas, as they have the fear that the Municipality of Lima enter and take control of the premises located in Victoria. Even, announced they will hold a vigil.

The president of the Retailers Association of La Parada, Ida Avila said that their partners do not think leaving the premises because they feel confident that the site in question will be awarded by a court order and that this will be renamed Luis Canepa Caycho in tribute to who donated the land in the 1940s.

"We are in a state of law and we want to be respected. We have a donation document, which says it is for the construction of a park and that is totally false because the donor explicitly says to do public good and wants to specify a market here, so they can not come here to surprise and fool, "said Avila TV Peru.

"Mrs. Susana (Villarán) has removed the name of the wholesale market because she likes and wants to monopolize monopoly, not taking into account that this product will be more expensive, since people coming from Callao and North Cone to Santa Anita will have many expenses, "he said.


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