Award winners of National Tourism announced

As 2014 nears its end, the season of award-giving for standouts and achievements begins.

The National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) recently announced winners for 2014´s 
National Tourism Award (PNT), of which there were three categories.

The Rafael Larco Herrera Museum of Archeology, located in Pueblo Libre, was recognized as the “Business of Insitution that excelled most in Peruvian tourism”. According to the official CANATUR press release, the museum has been a frontrunner in terms of promoting the nation’s heritage and culture by implementing cultural programs and highlighting the importance of sites such as the huacas of Lima.

Accepting the award for “Person or business that has excelled Peruvian tourism” will be Jose Koechlin von Stein, chairman of the Board of Inkaterra. Inkaterra, which works towards “conserving the environment, preserving the native cultures,[and] developing sustainable tourism in Peru,” according to the luxury hotel’s website, has been active in the upcoming COP 20 efforts.

Lastly, the Union of Peruvian Breweries Backus and Johnson won in the category of “Business (not belonging to the sector) that promotes interest of Peru”. Perhaps unexpectedly, the company has been involved in various conservation efforts for heritage sites such as the Huaca del Sol, the La Libertad. Not only do such financial efforts protect the ancient cultures of Peru, it also allows for development in tourism.

Implemented by the private sector of Peruvian tourism, CANATUR elects institutions, companies, and individuals for the awards with an aim to recognize and encourage the work they do for the tourism sector.

Winners will be awarded Friday, November 28, at the Westin Hotel, located in the San Isidro district of Lima, Peru.


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