Over 500 British teachers to arrive to Peru schools

In the latest effort to improve quality of education within Peru, the United Kingdom has agreed to send more than 500 teachers in 2015 to improve quality of English courses in the Andean nation. In an agreement signed by the two nations, some 200 Peruvian teachers will take part in a sort of training abroad in the U.K. in the coming months.

“It’s always been said that the English teachers in our public schools have deficiencies in speaking this language, and so initiatives like these are seeking to leave those problems behind,” said Education Minister Jaime Saavedra Chanduvì, while in London, as quoted by RPP Noticias radio.

According to an official press release from the Ministry of Education, the British professionals will not only teach courses, but help teachers build curriculums and revise methodologies of teaching as well.

Saavedra and his British counterpart, Nick Gibbs, hope for the public school system’s standard of two hours a week for English courses to increase up to five hours a week.

Travel, lodging and food for the British teachers will be covered by the two nations, with Peru reportedly investing some 100 million soles (Fox News Latino).


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