Moyobamba: Tourism and relaxation in the Sulfur Baths of Oromina

In Moyobamba, travelers can relax surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, with the thermal baths, called Sulfur Baths, of Oromina that reach up to 8 degrees Celsius.

In Moyobamba, situated 903 meters above sea level in the jungle and surrounded by a natural environment unique to the area, are the Baths of Oromina or Sulfur Baths of Oromina; thermal baths registering 8 degrees Celsius.

It’s known that the sulfur water has medicinal and therapeutic properties, something that tourists take advantage of. There you can find three graves built of stone, decorating the slopes of Cerro Oromina and very close to the magical waterfall Asnacyacu. 

The water comes from natural pools bubbling as water derives from underground. A pungent, yet not unpleasant, smell of sulfur is a symbol that you are getting closer.

In addition, travelers can hike nearby through beautiful landscapes, observe wildlife, and take part in recreational activities in the lush fields 



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