Visits to Machu Picchu will cost less for tourists in 2015

The Ministry of Culture announced yesterday that visits to Machu Picchu in the upcoming year will include reductions up to US$ 20 compared to 2014.

Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru will be the lucky ones to benefit from these recent changes.

In the document 463-2014 it states, “the promotional fares seek to increase the number of visits between national tourists and foreign residents in the country, as well as those belonging to the Andean Community (CAN).”

A report by the General Superintendence of Migration found that in 2013, 1,816,415 tourists who travelled to Peru came from CAN countries including Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador. This abundant number leads the Ministry to believe that the discounts will be enjoyed by a large population.

For Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru and in CAN, the prices will drop from US $55 to US$ 22 for adults and from US$ 22 to US$ 11 for students for entrance to Machu Picchu. While to enter Huayna Picchu and the Temple of the Moon, prices for adults fell to US$ 30 and to US$ 15 for students.

As for other visitors, such as from Europe, America, and those not part of CAN, adults pay US$4 3 and students pay US$ 22 to enter Machu Picchu. The rates for Huayna Picchu and the Temple of the Moon will be around US$ 51 for adults and US$ 26 for students.


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