Pucallpa: 4 attractions that you can visit

Pucallpa, in the department of Ucayali, is notable for its communities making handicrafts and practicing Shamanism.

Ucayali, Pucallpa stands out from the Peruvian jungle for its cultural identity, Amazonian communities and beautiful landscapes that are typical of the region. If you want to visit Pucallpa, the following tourist sites are a must!

Pucallpa National Park:

This is a zoo that is located south of the city of Pucallpa, and is considered an eco urban area in the Amazon; in addition, there is a regional museum. This park was created to protect nearly 400 species of flora and fauna such as lizards, jaguars, peccaries, otters, toucans, and others endanger of extinction. 

Laguna de Yarinacocha:

This Lagoon is amongst the largest in the jungle. In the surrounding areas lives Shipibo-Conibo communities. It is considered the most important tourist attraction of all Pucallpa, this attraction also offers various water activities and excursions. 

Chullachaqui Botanical Garden:

The garden has a vast Amazonian flora and considerable variety of exotic animals. Walking throughout the garden you can reach the Ishismi lake, where you can enjoy a boat ride and partake in fishing. 


A city where you can find a beautiful suspended bridge that is 850 meters long on the Aguaytía river, being the starting point to reach the Boqueron del Padre Abad, a narrow canyon that passes to the Tingo Maria road, and from where you can see some amazing landscapes


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