Peru announces new National Museum to open next year

Peruvian Ministry of Culture announced the long anticipated news of the National Museum of Peru to begin construction this year and open in mid-2016.

Culture minister Diana Alvarez Calderon explained that once the archaeological excavations have been completed in the Pachacamac Sanctuary, construction of the museum will begin.

About 40 kilometers south of Lima, “finally Peru will have the museum that everybody has been waiting for,” noted Calderon.

The ministry predicts the museum will be open in April or May of 2016 for limited exhibitions and later for public attendees.

Pachacamac is a large archaeological oomplex located south of Lima where at least 17 pyramids, ceramic artifacts, a cemeteray, textiles, and burials have been uncovered. The evidence reveals multiple cultures inhabited the area including the Ichma who used the site to worship the creator god, Pacha Kamaq. The site was considered an important religious shrine and was a converging point for the priests of Pachacamac.


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