Exhibition of the Peruvian "Ice Maiden" mummy to reopen in May

Archaeologist of the Santuarios Andinos Museum in Arequipa announced the annual re-opening of the famous Peruvian ice princess exhibition for May 2015, after the mummy entered a cold chamber for preservation.

The famous mummy, also known as Juanita, will be kept in a cool chamber set at a temperature of -20°C for four months to prevent the mummy’s body from further decay and ruin.

Every year the mummy enters the chamber in isolation and far from weathering agents such as human contact, lights, and natural particles in the air. According to archaeologist José Antonio Chávez, the exhibition will be closed from Jan. 1 until April 21, 2015.

Visitors to the museum however will still be able to see other exhibits of the museum including the Sarita mummy.

Juanita was excavated in 1995 in the Ampato Mountain in Arequipa by Johan Reinhard. She is believed to be a 500 year old Incan princess and is a fascinating example of not only female social roles in the Incan culture but as well for exceptional preservation.

Once her routine incubation is over the Peruvian Ice Maiden, Juanita, will be ready for exhibition in May at the Santuarios Andinos Museum, located in Cercado de Arequipa on Calle La Merced 110.


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